August, 2020

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Older Men never performed as good in the bed before and their Pale Big Ass Wife never gave such great blowjobs to them before either

It is not as risky for a White man to be in an illicit relationship with a Black woman in Black neighbourhood than it is the other way round.

There is a guy named Alexandru Bancescu, whom I know since the college days, he was gifted a honeymoon with an escort by his stepdad on his 18th birthday and he rejoiced with it. He says that the escort was an expert at giving blowjob and there are only a tiny fraction of women that can give a blowjob as good as she did to him.

Alexandru is a part-time sex blogger who writes that most German pornstars really love and dig gangbang scenes, even the German-American ones, one suck example is the MILF German -American pornstar – Amber Lynn Bach, whom he claims to know personally for the last 3 years. He never admits to having sex with her, although anyone who knows both Amber and Alexandru, will tell you that they both made out at some point; Amber offers her escort services and Alexandru is an escort advocate and has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on them till date.

He once wrote on his blog that many people don’t understand that there aren’t any dangers of hiring high class escorts anymore in any part of the world; if the high class escort is a ‘high class escort’ in the term’s truest sense.

Alexandru writes that the social pressure and mockery makes the old male spouses perform as good in the bed as their younger counterparts.