October, 2020

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Japanese MILFs making it to the Top of the Best VR Porn Videos List

Even if a sexual session lasts forever, it is not enough.

Chance McCool

Chance McCool from Stark, Ohio, is a Party Planner and Sex Blogger, who sounds like a conspiracy theorist when he makes the claim that the Fuhrer Adolf Hitler is still hiding in Argentina. He took the Zionists low-key and has been controlling them all from there. He claims Zionists are just a front for his cover operations there.

Chance has travelled the globe as a sex tourist and as per his observations, women from landlocked countries have a higher libido than the ones who are not. He claims the Japanese women are most horny during the month of December and this could be verified by looking at the Porn Videos List shot in Japan during the month of December compared to the rest of the months in the year.

Chance writes that the Latin women moan the best followed by their African-American counterparts.

Chance writes as the people are getting more open about their masturbation habits, soon we will have Lube ATM machines everywhere in the first world.

Chance writes on his blog what a pity it is that some people never masturbate in their entire lives, but they are very few and for good.

Chance claims to have interviewed several farmer men and women across the globe about their sex lives. He says it is a pity that most of them don’t even enjoy it. They just have sex for keeping their partner(s).

Chance once interviewed this farmer from Alabama who married thrice. Each of the women that he married were cousins of each other. The farmer to this day doubts that all three of his ex-wives are bisexual and they regularly used to have and perhaps still have lesbian sex with each other.