December, 2020

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This Gambler Claims Sigmund Freud Is The Reason Why Japanese Women Flaunt Their Big Asses Online

Avigail Allard claims that men hate vacations and they only pretend to like it because they fear their wives or girlfriends. Avigail knows several gay couples very closely who very rarely go out for vacations although they are very rich already.

Avigail is a conspiracy theorist who claims that Lee Nak-Yeon is a distant cousin of Bill Clinton’s wife and ex-president candidate of the United States of America – Hillary Clinton. Avigail says that the only reason behind Lee Nak-Yeon’s success is his being a distant cousin of Hillary Clinton otherwise he stood no chance. Avigail says that it is quite evident from Lee Nak-Yeon’s body language and his speech style that he is a low-energy, incapable man.

Avigail claims that Jews are aliens most likely from some planet that hasn’t been yet discovered by the scientists yet. Avigail says that it is not possible for some breed belonging to the human beings of earth to be as intelligent as the Jewish people are.

Avigail is one of the most sold painters in the world. She has sold over 9000 paintings including both online and offline. Avigail sells her paintings on etsy, eBay and several other websites including her own. Avigail never tries to overcharge her customers as she is not hungry for the money, she makes more money with online gambling with the tactics that she learnt with different blogs.

Avigail claims that Sigmund Freud was an Illuminati agent whose job was to convert the pious and civilized people of Europe and America to sex maniacs, she adds that one just needs to watch watch some tik tok porn to understand what she has been trying to convey here.

Avigail claims that the emperor Hongli of Qing Dynasty of China wanted his men to manufacture a car much before they invented the first car. Avigail says that Hongli’s men were about to be successful but they got mysteriously kidnapped one day and never seen after that.

Ancient Israelites Used To Indulge in Swinger Sex Like They Do In Those BLACKED RAW Porn Videos

I have a friend who has been involved in Internet Marketing, Blogging and SEO for over 10 years now. This guy prefers to optimize only adult websites and also most of his blogs belong to the adult niche.

He claims on his blog that the descendants of forcefully converted Christian and Muslim women show different sexual interests. He adds that these women also have a distorted perspective on almost each and everything that is related to the sex and sexuality. He claims that the only thing that these women are more open to, when it comes to the sex and sexuality is that they are more likely to indulge in the swinger sex and those BlackedRaw Free Porn Videos are the proof of the same.

This friend of mine claims that they used the term bimbo in an African language long ago and the Whites took it from them. He adds that neither the language, nor a single man or a woman belonging to that tribe is alive anymore. He believes that those people must have been total freaks and fun-loving as well, and it is a real pity that they are no more with us.

He never gets tired of repeating on his blog and in person that obese women are lame fucks but thick ones are unbeatable.

He believes that most of the couriers in the future will be shipped through speedboats in the near future.

He has also always been interested in religions and has this belief that the Biblical Prophet – Moses, was a descendant of Hagar – the slave wife of one of the first Patriarchs of Judaism – Abraham, but the Jews are not willing to admit it and they have brainwashed the Arabs and the Muslims around the world as well, to believe that Moses had nothing to do with Hagar and was from one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

He claims that Brahminism aka Hinduism is Judaism in disguise and one just needs to study both the religions to know the truth by himself/herself.

And The God Said: May Your Escort Give You BJs Without A Condom On

I really envy the Muslim men who have more women waiting for them at their home whom they can fuck with or without their will than the number of cars they have in their personal garages.

These Muslim men really need large houses with great soundproofing, especially when they have single male neighbors. One of the single neighbors of a Muslim man living with his 4 hot wives in a small house, got so sexually tensed and horny listening to the sounds of screams and moans all the time, that he once broke into the house when there was only one of the wives inside the house and raped her ass and even made a video of him committing the rape, only to first get his ass kicked hard by the Muslims living in the neighborhood, they really beat him like they do beat the stray dog in Libya, and then handled him to the cops, and finally he got to serve years in prison.

I really believe that there will not be rapes anywhere in the first world, if the men regularly check the updated, latest and popular live sex cam websites on and jerk-off looking at those hot broads fucking themselves or their partners.

There are literally more whores in my neighborhood than there are in the entire city of Las Vegas. Many of these whores work full-time jobs and offer blowjob without condom to make an extra buck and enjoy different dicks each without much hassle.

Once I hired an escort and she turned out to be one of closest neighbors, she told me that she escorts even though she makes a full-time living with her job as a programmer, just because it gives her the feeling that her pussy is worth millions and also the feeling that she is something special.

Even The Best Architect On Earth Cannot Design A Building That Looks Better Than My Favorite StripChat Babe – Efe Calverley

Efe Calverley from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is an Enterprise Architect and Sex Blogger, who has been maintaining a journal about his sex life for the past 9 years now. He writes that he will create a separate blog where he would upload it all so that others could be helped, especially the men in their early 20s so that they could have the best sex lives possible.

Efe claims that he never masturbated. He has an epiphany that meditation reduces sperm count and deep thinking does the opposite. He spends 2 hours each day deep thinking about big boobs since he read that the study which claims that checking out big boobs increases a man’s lifespan. Not to mention the time he spends during the day checking out those big boobs on stripchat. He is also one of the most prolific stripchat review writers.

Our sexual expertise and the knowledge we gained about sex over the years if not decades, cannot help us attain that magical sexual experience that happens every once in a while when you meet some sexual goddess or good for the first time and accidentally you discover they are a tantric sexual expert as well.

Efe Calverley

Efe writes Thursday, if it falls on 13th, is considered a bad luck for a man’s sexual libido if they have sex more than once on that day and it applies to masturbation as well.

Efe claims that the Mythical Hindu Legendary Demon – Ravana, is said to have turned impotent after having sex with 50 of his wives on the night of 13th September. He further claims many of his later born kids are said to be products of his wives’ sexual sessions with the Hindu Rishis and Munis, which is a practice that has been going on in the Indian Subcontinent since time immemorial, which is called Niyoga.