Even The Best Architect On Earth Cannot Design A Building That Looks Better Than My Favorite StripChat Babe – Efe Calverley

Efe Calverley from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is an Enterprise Architect and Sex Blogger, who has been maintaining a journal about his sex life for the past 9 years now. He writes that he will create a separate blog where he would upload it all so that others could be helped, especially the men in their early 20s so that they could have the best sex lives possible.

Efe claims that he never masturbated. He has an epiphany that meditation reduces sperm count and deep thinking does the opposite. He spends 2 hours each day deep thinking about big boobs since he read that the study which claims that checking out big boobs increases a man’s lifespan. Not to mention the time he spends during the day checking out those big boobs on stripchat. He is also one of the most prolific stripchat review writers.

Our sexual expertise and the knowledge we gained about sex over the years if not decades, cannot help us attain that magical sexual experience that happens every once in a while when you meet some sexual goddess or good for the first time and accidentally you discover they are a tantric sexual expert as well.

Efe Calverley

Efe writes Thursday, if it falls on 13th, is considered a bad luck for a man’s sexual libido if they have sex more than once on that day and it applies to masturbation as well.

Efe claims that the Mythical Hindu Legendary Demon – Ravana, is said to have turned impotent after having sex with 50 of his wives on the night of 13th September. He further claims many of his later born kids are said to be products of his wives’ sexual sessions with the Hindu Rishis and Munis, which is a practice that has been going on in the Indian Subcontinent since time immemorial, which is called Niyoga.

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