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The Globalization is Real – More Indian Female Escorts in Sydney, Australia than ever before and More Blonde Escorts in Goa, India than ever before

I recently met an escort in Goa who told me that she hates to have sex with her husband. She told me that even though they didn’t have an open marriage, she still allows him to fuck whoever he wants to. He also knows that she escorts. She joked that she had no idea that there marriage soon will turn into an open one due to the lady’s lack of interest in sex with her small-dick husband and difficult financial situation. She also told me that she buys a new sex doll for him every other month. She then joked that she has to ride Peter in order to not to have to ride Rob.

She told me that each time she has sex with her husband, she puts on her mechanical stopwatch that she bought off eBay for $50. She said that his stamina has been improving with age but his dick is still that small as it was the first time she saw it. She added that as much as his stamina has been improving, the sensitivity of his dick has been reducing and so is the stiffness of his small dick.

As per my observation over the decades, Half-Jewish and Half-Persian chicks are the best in the bed. History and Mythology has several examples to prove the same.

I also once had the pleasure of enjoying the Indian chick – Janani when I was out in Sydney to enjoy some vacations. She has only been featured in one porn movie till date. She is of Gujarati descent, living in Australia for past 12 years now. She told me that she only escorts in the colder months, namely, October, November, December, January, February and March. I was lucky to be there in the month of January.

Janani also told me that the man who produced her one and only porn movie, offered Dakota Runnels, the daughter of the Pro-Wrestlers Terri Runnels and Dustin Runnels, tons of money to feature in a porn movie, but Dakota rejected the offer with a threat. Then the producer’s friend, who happens to have a huge sex toy business, offered her hundreds of thousands of Australian Dollars to allow them to use her face and body for a sex doll only to hear a bigger no with an even bigger threat.